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Quality Certificates

Our Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAC) has passed the approvel of ISO9001:2000, HACCP, GMP, SGS, FDA.

Manufacturing Process - polyvinyl acetate (PVAC)

1 Material Stocking:

The raw material (VAC) will take a series inspection in standard of Polyvinyl Acetate (pvac) Inspection Standard SH/T1623.1-1996. The qualified material goes to Raw Material ware house for stocking to guarantee the quality of finished products.

2 Feeding:

Material (VAC) from the Raw Material Ware house is pumped to the mixing tank. A filter is equipped in this process to prevent and filter the physical pollution among the material of from outside.

3 Polymerization:

Monomers (VAC) in the reaction tank polymerize to form the polymer. 

4 Purifying and Drying

After the reaction, distillation method is applied to extract the polyvinyl acetate (pvac) and get rid of the impurities.

5 Hub Stocking Tank:

The polyvinyl acetate (pvac) generated in the reaction tank after being purified via distillation and dried via vacuolization is transferred to the storage tank for temporary stocking.

6 Granulation (optional):

Polyvinyl Acetate (pvac) from the hub stocking tank is granulated. To guarantee the quality, A filter is equipped here to filter the impurities from the tanks and outside.

7 Finished Products Stocking:

Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAC) granules after weighing and packing are taken to pass the Metal Detector for non-metal checking And the qualified products will be packed and transferred to Finished Products Warehouse, while the disqualified will be degraded and applied in according industry.

Featured applicaitons of polyvinyl acetate (pvac)

Some Featured Applications of our PVAC Solid :

1. Polyvinyl Acetate for SMC/BMC Products in FRP (Glassfiber Reinforcedd Plastics): to improve the Glossness, Anti-shrink, and the Stress and strain. Like applications in making Auto Head Lamps.

2. Polyvinyl Acetate in Cement Concrete: Add into the Cement to improve the performance in Water Proof, Anti-shrink, and Anti-Fatigue.

3. Polyvinyl Acetate in Adhesives: As a key material in the Adhesive industries for Timber products, Stationeries, Plastic articles, Paper making etc.

 4. Polyvinyl Acetate in Color Coating: used in the coatings for wires. It has a amazing function in Seizing the colors on the surfaces. Like Wires, Bill Boards, AD boards etc.

5. Polyvinyl Acetate in Gumbase: As a main element in Gumbase for chewing gumbase, bubble gumbase and xylitol.

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