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Featured applicaitons of polyvinyl acetate (pvac)

Some Featured Applications of our PVAC Solid :

1. Polyvinyl Acetate for SMC/BMC Products in FRP (Glassfiber Reinforcedd Plastics): to improve the Glossness, Anti-shrink, and the Stress and strain. Like applications in making Auto Head Lamps.

2. Polyvinyl Acetate in Cement Concrete: Add into the Cement to improve the performance in Water Proof, Anti-shrink, and Anti-Fatigue.

3. Polyvinyl Acetate in Adhesives: As a key material in the Adhesive industries for Timber products, Stationeries, Plastic articles, Paper making etc.

 4. Polyvinyl Acetate in Color Coating: used in the coatings for wires. It has a amazing function in Seizing the colors on the surfaces. Like Wires, Bill Boards, AD boards etc.

5. Polyvinyl Acetate in Gumbase: As a main element in Gumbase for chewing gumbase, bubble gumbase and xylitol.

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